Friday, February 02, 2007

Vectoring - Hands on Evaluation Needed

After reviewing the R2H and the Q1 and watching many videos, including about the eo, I am even more concerned about the vectoring issue. Some bloggers state it's a problem and they either don't ink much like Dennis Rice or they have a UMPC with a hard touch display (R2H) like Warner Crocker and Matt Faulkner. Others such as Hugo Ortega and Kevin Tofel have the Q1 but seem to work around the vectoring issue and still ink alot by keeping their palm off of the screen.

So while I was hoping to conduct this search without actually holding a UMPC in my hands but rather relying on all of the great information on the net including some great videos, I will now have to stop by the Samsung store in New York and evaluate the Q1 specifically for vectoring or hopefully the lack of it when I ink with the device. Hopefully I'll fall into the Hugo and Kevin camp because I am starting to lean towards the Q1 for reasons I'll blog more about in future posts.

For those of you who forgot or don't know what vectoring is check out Hugo's video.

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Anonymous said...

Go for the Q1 its not as bad because you can use to it and not touching the screen. I ink pretty much all day and I have the Q1. I just my Cross pen which is I think the Tech3 to ink my Q1. The reason that I got the Q1 among other features is the VGA and the built NIC. There is times that am at customers sites to fix computer problems and the only way is I have to use the built in NIC on the Q1 and also can hook up there 19" LCD to my Q1 and I just use my Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse and boy do they look surprised to what they are seeing. Like always after you have to give a little demo of everything. I have had few customers order the Q1 after they see what it can do.