Monday, August 06, 2007

UMPC Real World Use Scenarios

Steve at and a poster at the Origami Project forums share how they use their Q1s. Steve also goes into detail why he chose the Q1B over the others he has. While its always interesting to see what devices bloggers use, especially those that have access to so many devices, keep in mind that their device needs may be different than yours.

Origami Project
Steve's Post

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Q1U(ltimate)

The title is correct. I did not mean to write Q1 Ultra. I'm talking about the Q1 Ultimate, as in my ultimate Q1. Its the Q1 I wish existed.

After thinking and writing about Steve's preference for the Q1B and the compromises he made with regard to built in mouse (or lack thereof) as well as screen resolution and lack of docking station, it made me think what would make my Q1P my Q1U(ltimate).

The biggest change would be the screen resolution. I would love to have the native resolution be 1024 x 600. The other would be for the organizer pack to be modified so the Q1 part would be self standing like a true laptop. Right now the stand needs to be flipped out and resting on a surface or the whole set would be in the same plane instead of angled like a laptop screen is in reference to the keyboard. If I could have these two improvements I would consider it a Q1U(ltimate).

But since this virtual makeover is not costing me anything I would also add a few other things in this order:

Docking station: I now only have to connect and disconnect three cables right now (VGA, power and USB). Not a big hassle but a docking station would be a nice improvement.

Improved integrated mouse: I was very used to using a stylus with my Acer tablet so I didn't really consider not having a good integrated mouse a big deal. But after watching Steve's video with JKK I am thinking I just didn't really know what I was missing. Once in hand I would probably never go back to a substandard integrated mouse again.

Really there isn't that much that would make my Q1P the Q1U(ltimate). Its a shame Samsung doesn't offer this version of the Q1. Oh well, maybe some day!