Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I've Decided!

I just placed an order for the Samsung Q1P from NewEgg! No Vista! I decided on this Samsung primarily because of the processing power and the lack of complaints about performance on battery and the existing extended battery options. However, I will miss the docking station capability that the Tabletkiosk offered.

I also ordered the Think Outside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard.

Hopefully I will have the device Friday but in any case I'll continue to blog about my 'search' for the best setup for my new UMPC.


Mark said...

Congrats! If I didn't have an original Q1, the Q1P would be my choice too. For me, there are 4 must haves for the Q1.

Ticonderoga's Mouse Pointer app for the Q1, vU-DO keys for mutiple key mapping (both are in the Origami Portal forum, you can find them with a search), uRotate for screen rotation and sTab Launcher for launching things with your finger.

The first 3 have become can't live without utilities and sTab is the best combo of big buttons, lots of options but still out of the way launcher that I've found.


Alex said...

Thanks Mark! I am using the uRotate utility and it is great! I tried Ticonderoga's mouse pointer but I guess I just don't use the mouse much. Will definitely try out vU-DO and sTab.