Monday, February 26, 2007

My Desktop Setup

One of the downsides I noted before about the Q1 is the lack of a port replicator and docking station. Since I alternate between using the device by itself and at my desk attached to an external monitor, I wanted to make the switch as easy as possible. With my Acer tablet, it was easy, just disconnect (or connect) the tablet from the port replicator cable.

For the Q1 I've been able to cut the number of connections to 3 :

  1. power
  2. external monitor
  3. USB devices

Currently I have the standard battery but with the 6 cell battery, I think I can eliminate the power connection during the day at least half of the time. The USB connection goes to a 4:1 USB hub to which I have my printer, external hard drive and wireless keyboard/mouse connected. For internet connection I use WiFi so no wired connection for that.

Still not as nice as my old Acer setup but so far doable.

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