Thursday, February 08, 2007

First Round Cuts

I've looked at quite a few of the UMPCs out there over the last twenty odd posts so its getting time to make some decisions. So here are my thoughts so far:

  1. First, I will be using this device as my primary computer so want to have enough power, so I think I will settle on a UMPC with a Pentium M chip and at least 1 G of RAM.
  2. I want to be mobile, ie not always being plugged in so battery life over 3 hours on the main battery is a plus.
  3. I want to ink and take notes so a device where I can manage the possibility of vectoring is important.
  4. An integrated mouse is not important to me since I am very use to the Tablet format where there is no integrated mouse available in slate mode. So while this was important to some reviewers its not for me.
  5. Built in cam would be nice but not a must. Same for GPS.
  6. No 5" screen for me. Just too small. Though I do like the fact that those devices can fit in many pockets that the 7" screen devices can't.
  7. A port replicator is not a must but a huge plus. I will be using it at work as my desktop and it would be nice to just have to make one connection instead of one for power, one for the external speakers, one for the external monitor and one for a USB hub.
  8. An integrated keyboard is not important unless its full size. I'm a good typer and prefer a full size keyboard. So no matter what device I'll decide upon, I'm sure a bluetooth foldable keyboard will do the trick.
  9. Need a way to connect using EVDO. Now that Verizon and Sprint have a USB device, I'm set no matter what device I get. However, a device with build in EVDO would be nice.
Based on these nine items, I think the finalists would be the Samsung Q1P and the Tabletkiosk i7210.


Adam said...

Go with the TabletKiosk 7110 for your application. Get the RAM upgrade and you'll be perfectly set. You can even get a new 9 cell impressive battery for the device! Re-read the Q1 reviews. The 7110 is the best bang for your buck and get the ever easy port replicator. You'll love the device and their service is by far superior then most other UMPC mfg's I've dealt with. Good luck!

PS: You should go to my post and see some of the other useful things you can do with your UMPC.

Adam Snide

Alex said...

Adam, Thanks for the comments. Nice site too with good information.