Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Impressions!

My Q1P arrived on Friday. I spent most of the afternoon setting it up and have used it over the long weekend to browse the internet, check email and read my feeds. I haven't been in the office yet so I can't comment on that experience. Here are my first impressions.
  1. I was impressed that Samsung included a USB cable with software for transferring files from my Acer to the Q1. Nice touch! I also like the included neoprene pouch for the Q1.
  2. Even though I have had one in my hand, I was still impressed how much smaller it is than my Acer. Just having them side by side really hit the point home.
  3. The screen is great. Photos and videos look great on the screen and I think the view angle is definitely better than on my Acer.
  4. Touch is amazing. I really didn't think much about having the touch screen, in fact I thought it would be a distraction but it is a rush to be able to move items around with your fingers. Of course this could just be a novelty!
  5. Inking hasn't been a problem. I find it easy to keep my palm on the edges when I'm inking.
  6. I haven't timed it but it seems the battery is lasting me about 3 hours.
  7. At first, I was not happy with the smudge marks. The one I saw at the Samsung store was all smudged up but I figured that was because hundreds of people were holding it every day. So when I saw my finger marks after just a few holdings, I was not happy. However, over the weekend it seems to not be as markable. Perhaps I'm getting used to it or the material adapts to it.
  8. It seems a bit slower than I had hoped but this is mostly when the Q1 needs to access the hard drive.
  9. The device is very, very quiet and doesn't heat up much at all, especially compared to my Acer.
  10. The audio is very good, both the speakers and the microphones. My recorded voice sounded crisp and clear when sitting in front of the device.
  11. I have the b version of WIFI on my Acer so the speed of the g version on the Q1 blew me away!
  12. I haven't yet found a comfortable way to hold the device with one hand.
  13. After setting up my U2 key to be my F11, I find working with the smaller screen no problem. Having programs in full screen mode really makes the difference. I also like how Google reader and the NY Times reader reformats to fit the screen. Too bad more programs aren't tailored to smaller screens.
Thanks to Mark for posting some tips on software utilities. I am already using uRotate which is excellent.


HG said...

Congrats on your Q1 I have about 3 weeks with mine and its great to carry around work. Its much easier than using my Fujitsu T4020. I had dual boot XP and Vista but yesterday I went full Vista since I have everything that I use working on the Q1. I also loaded up Office 2007 and its great.

HG said...

Alex if you get the 6 Cell battery you will get around 6hrs 45min to 7hrs of battery life. Thats what I was getting under Windows Tablet Edition even with the WiFi and bluetooth on. Using it with Vista now gives less battery life but I guess I will have to live with it for now. LOL Newegg has the 6 cell batteries for 99.00 if you do order one.