Saturday, February 10, 2007

Q1P v. i7210: Round 3

So the Q1P took the lead on processing power (at least on battery) and battery life while the i7210 took the lead on having an integrated mouse, cam and having a port replicator and docking station. But lets take a closer look.

The integrated mouse and cam are not that important for me. But having a docking station, a capable processor and good battery life are.

The docking station is huge. As I first stated, I wanted to go with a lighter and smaller form factor device than my Acer C110 so that I would be more likely to take the device with me around the office. However without the port replicator, I will have to disconnect and reconnect the monitor, power supply, wireless keyboard and mouse USB connection, external speaker connection and printer. I can probably use a USB hub and combine the USB connections to one. But that still leaves four connections, power, one USB, speakers and monitor. This is a huge impediment and becomes a big plus for the i7210. But its never that simple. The i7210 does not have a VGA out port so I would need to buy an second docking station, one for home and one for work.

Battery life is also huge for me. While the Q1P has better battery life and an optional 6 cell battery I feel confident the i7210 will have an extended battery available in the near future.

Processing power is also important to me to since I plan on using this device as my primary computer. While it appears the i7210 has a slower processer speed on battery, I probably would be on AC power when doing any heavy computing.

So with this analysis, it seems the i7210 might better meet my needs but at a higher price, approximately $300 more (including the extra port replicator).


Anonymous said...

they're not making extended batts for the i7210 coz if they do, it will no longer fit in the docking station.

Chippy said...

dont forget the i7209.
There isnt much difference in processing power at all. I wish i has saved some money and gone for the 7209 rather than the 7210.