Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Info on the i7210

While trying to find more information on the i7210's processing performance while on battery power, I found this review on It was written after two months of usage and it does not speak well of this device's processing power when on battery power. More to think about.

Also, a comment was made on my last post stating that there will not be an extended battery for the i7210 because the increased size will be a problem fitting the device into the docking station.


Chippy said...


I know there is a bios fix for this battery power problem. I have tried it and it worked. However i know someone else that ried it and killed his i7210!

I doubt tablet kiosk will issue this bios due to this issue but keep a look out for people with the founder umpc (same as 7200) that have done a succesful update.

for an external batttery you could use an external option.


Alex said...

Steve, thanks for the comments and information. It will be helpful in making my final decision.