Saturday, February 10, 2007

Q1P v. i7210: Round 2

Lets compare these two devices on the nine points I listed in a previous post.

1. Processing power: The specs are the same for both except that supposedly the 7210 has a reduction in processing speed when on battery, dropping from 1 GHz to 800 MHz. I say supposedly because this is not mentioned on the Tabletkiosk website. I actually read about this in the Origami Project forums. Winner Q1P

2. Battery Life: The Samsung website states the battery life as 'up to 5 hours'. Tabletkiosk does not state a time. JKK ran Battery Eater tests on both. These tests are meant to demonstrate worst case conditions. The Q1P came in at 2:38 and the 7210 at 1:32. Kevin Tofel ran the test on his Q1P resulting in 1:56. The Q1P has an extended battery available, the 7210 does not. Mugen also makes a 9 cell battery for the Q1P. Winner Q1P

3. Vectoring Issues: Both have a touch screen rated at 80 g so no difference here. Tie.

4. Integrated mouse. The 7210 has an integrated mouse, the Q1 doesn't. There is a software fix that allows Q1 users to use the joy stick as a pointer but it gets mixed reviews. Winner 7210

5. Cam, GPS: The 7210 has a built in webcam. Winner 7210

6. Screen size: Both have a 7" screen. Tie.

7. Port Replicator: 7210 has one, Q1P does not. However, the 7210 does not have an ethernet nor a VGA out port on the device itself. Winner 7210

8. Integrated keyboard: Neither device has this. Tie.

9. Built in WWAN: Neither device has this. Tie.

So that's 2 wins for the Q1P, 3 for the 7210 and 4 ties.

So it looks like the 7210 comes out ahead just based on the numbers. I'll analyze these results in the next blog. Some items are more important than others.

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