Sunday, May 06, 2007

On the Road with My Q1P

Let me continue my review of using the Q1P on the road. I was in Boston for two days of training, taking the train from my home on Long Island, New York. As I noted in the previous post, I used the Q1P on the 3 hour train ride and didn't even think about plugging it in as I have the extended battery. I was also able to that night easily use the device to put together a summary of emails, doing lots of cutting and pasting. The 7" screen worked just fine.

The next day was the first day of the course. It was held in a hotel conference room and there were 6 of us to a round table. We were packed in pretty good so there was not much room for much more than the binder of course material each of us were given. During the course, each table worked together to solve a problem which required doing calculations. I was glad I had the Q1P. With its small form factor I was able to hold it in my hands and ink in the numbers into excel. During breaks I connected to the hotel's WIFI and checked and responded to email.

Actually, I also checked email during the course and did a little web surfing too! Yes, I know, I was not a very good student. However, it went unnoticed by perhaps everyone as it just looked like I was jotting down notes on a paper with pen. Nice added benefit of a UMPC (for that matter, a benefit for almost all tablets in slate mode).

On the train ride back, I watched episodes of the tv series Lost and The Office which I downloaded from iTunes. I am still very impressed with the quality of the audio and video on the Q1P.

The only thing that would have made this trip even better is integrated EDVO. I was not connected during the train ride as I have a PC slot card for my Verizon EVDO and the Q1P does not have a PC slot. I need to get a 3G bluetooth phone so I can connect via the phone and bluetooth.

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Kalidas said...

You can change your verizon card to the USB720. It costs $129. I chanaged my Broadband card to a USB based card and I now have a faster connection too(Rev A) .