Wednesday, May 09, 2007

OQO 02 a Tidal Shift in Computing?

Two posts ago, I made the point, that while the UMPC a is laptop / tablet replacement with added mobility, due to shorter battery life, being non pocketable and long startup times, it is not really a ipod, smartphone etc replacement. And for me that is fine. However, the OQO 02 with it being half the size of the Q1 may make it pocketable (depending on your pocket size). Neil Balthaser makes the case that the OQO 02 may present a 'tidal shift in computing'. Personally, I am not sure I could trade the smaller screen size for the extra mobility and pocketablility. Though I plan on keeping an open mind as Neil blogs about his experience with the OQO 02 and his comparisons to the Q1P he also has.

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