Monday, May 14, 2007

CLARIFICATION: Q1 Ultra First Impressions Review

Thanks to Kevin Tofel at jkOnTheRun and Rob Bushway at I had many more readers today. Apparently, some of those readers thought I was intending to say in my last post that the Q1 Ultra is slow. I think it would be irresponsible for anyone to claim a device is slow after only using one for a few minutes and not knowing how the device was configured. That is why I only stated it seemed to me that opening up some programs seemed a bit slow.

This first impressions review was really only that. And while it did not take long for me to be WOW'ed by the Ultra's looks and feel, it did not WOW me in the performance area in those few minutes. That is not to say it couldn't WOW, only that specific device, within those few minutes, did not.

Hope that clarifies what I wanted to say.

Its true that there are some who are concerned about the Ultra's potential performance based on the new processors it will have. But the proof will be when these devices get into the hands of those that can do rigorous comparisons.

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CTitanic said...

I think in a different way. If your first impression of a PC is that's slow is because it's really slow. More if you are used to a device like a Q1p and you are talking about your first impression of a Q1 Ultra.