Thursday, April 19, 2007

On the Road - Day 1

I arrived safely in Boston last night. But, as it tends to be the case when I travel, a quality issue arose. Actually it was a reoccurrence of an issue that also occurred last fall.  So when I got to my hotel room I hooked up my BT keyboard  and started going through old emails related to this issue. I was easily able to cut and paste pertinent sections from about 10 emails and 2 attached files into a new word document and then email it to my colleagues back at the office. This should enable the group to make decisions based on fact instead of memory.  Ever without a mouse and with the 7" Q1P screen it was not difficult to do at all.

Prior to going to bed I was going to attach my extended battery, to let it charge overnight.  I had been using it during the 3+ hour train ride without ever giving a thought to using the AC power supply! But I couldn't find it anywhere. I think I left it on the train.

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