Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Using a UMPC on the Go!

A point I made in another post is that UMPCs are ideal for easily taking the power of a PC to where you want or need it. This post on UMPC Portal demonstrates using a UMPC as well as other gadgets to create a Google Map with tagged photos. The photos are actually tagged to the location they were taken. In fact, it looks like Steve made the trip, with these devices on his bike!

I think the Q1 Ultra could do all this, though the photos would be at a lower resolution, because I believe the Q1 Ultra will have a camera and GPS built in. Now that would lighten Steve's load!

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Chippy said...

THanks for the link!

Q1 Ultra would probably do a good job of photos but as for GPS tracking, the Q1 Ultra would have to be on all the time which ould drain that battery. The nice thing about my solution is that you preserve the UMPC battery until you stop and then you download the saved GPS track from the GPS device.

THe other point is that I used the camera to record the video, while on the move!!! I wouldn't have been able to do that holding an Ultra!