Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Q1P Video Revew and UMPC Buyers Guide 2007

Two good posts at the UMPC Portal. This one is a video review of the Q1P, the same device I have and have been blogging about. Steve just received his and has some good comments and takes on its value. This post announces the updated UMPC Buyers Guide 2007, a great resource for those of you considering buying a UMPC.


Chippy said...

Hi Alex.

Thanks for the link. Your reviews are pretty good. Will be looking though a bit closer and quoting / linking through if you don't mind.

Steve / Chippy.

Alex said...


Thanks for the note. I truly enjoy your site. Lots of great information. Feel free to quote and link. Also, if you have any advice for me with regard to blogging please let me know.