Sunday, January 28, 2007

Which UMPCs do the Bloggers Use?

Here are a few blogs I read and the UMPCs they use or have used. A very unscientific sample but there were 5 Q1 users, 2 R2H users and 2 eos.


Dennis Rice eo i7210
Warner Crocker R2H
Matt Faulkner R2H


James Kendrick used a Q1 SSD but switched to a Fujitsu LifeBook P1610 Tablet PC
Kevin Tofel used a Q1 but recently switched to a Q1P


Hugo Ortega Q1B (update: I should have said Q1 as he had just received the Q1B when I wrote this posting)

Ultramobile PC Tips

CTitanic Q1

Ultramobile Geek

Thoughtfix eo v7110


Mark Q1


Matt said...


thoughtfix said...

Thanks for the link. I also use a Nokia 770 and a Nokia N800 but those aren't UMPCs.

I MAY have to buy a 2nd generation UMPC with my tax return. Vista is useless on the eo. Stay tuned for a full report.

Alex said...

Matt, thanks for the link to your site and weighing in on which device you use. Thoughtfix, thanks for the update too. I plan on at least one blog on the Nokia devices.

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