Saturday, January 27, 2007

First Pass Comparison

As I mentioned in one of my first posts, battery life, screen size and weight were important for me. So lets compare these items for the UMPCs listed in the last two posts:

Acer C110 (my tablet) 10.4" screen 3 hrs rated battery life 3.3 lbs
Q1 7" 3 - 5 hrs 1.7 lbs
R2H 7" 2 hrs 1.9 lbs
EO 7" 2 hrs 1.8 lbs
Vega 4.3" 5.5 hrs 1.0 lb
Medion 6.5" 4 - 5 hrs 1.6 lbs
OQO 5" 3 hrs 1.0 lb
Sony UX 5" 2.5 - 4.5 hrs 1.2 lb
Switchback 5.6" 2 - 5 hrs 3.0 lbs

A few obviously are smaller than 7" in screen size. I have only seen the Sony and my initial impression was that 5" would be too small of a screen size so while I'm keeping an open mind, the Vega, OQO, Sony and Switchback have been handicapped a bit.

I didn't realize my Acer is 3.3 lbs so all of these are lighter. The only one of concern is the switchback coming in at 3.0 lbs. Combine this with the smaller screen the Switchback is just about off my list.

Battery life is important to me since my Acer gets about 2 hours with my usage even though it is rated for 3 hours. So the Q1 (B and P models), Vega, and Medion get kudos in this area while the R2H and EO are knocked down a notch, being rated only at 2 hours. Of course manufacturer's battery life ratings and real life battery lives are not always the same so I'll be looking for real world usage data for all models. Also, I'll be investigating which models have larger batteries available to replace the standard battery.

Up next a review of what actual users are saying.

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