Saturday, January 27, 2007

Don't Forget These!

There are also the following devices to consider. Some are new UMPCs that were announced just recently and others, like the Sony UX Micro are not true UMPCs but can be and are considered ultramobile PCs by many.

Medion UMPC
Sony's UX Micro
Black Diamond Switchback

Next up, a quick comparison by screen size, battery life, cost and weight.


Anonymous said...

Can you explain why the Sony UX is not a true UMPC?

Alex said...

Good question. Basically Microsoft has specified what a UMPC must have in both hardware and software. Last year when UMPCs first came out and prior to Vista being released UMPC's needed to have the Tablet PC version of Windows XP installed as well as the Touch Pack software. The Sony UX did not have those. This is from a post by James Kendrick. Hope that answered your question.