Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Asus R2H

Lets now take a look at the ASUS R2H. This UMPC has not been on the market as long as the Samsung Q1, debuting last fall. It comes in one model so far but RAM can be upgraded and you have a choice of hard drive size.

It becomes obvious after reading a few blogs and watching video reviews that the R2H comes loaded with items. It has a fingerprint reader, GPS receiver, webcam (all integrated) among other items. The minuses include a short battery life (2 hours), slow due to it being loaded with software and some would and have said it is bulky.

Watch these videos for more detailed information:

ASUS on the Road with Matt Faulkner
GottaBeMobile R2H Useability Inkshow
ASUS Hardware Inkshow with Matt Faulkner

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