Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Mobile PC Bloggers Are Now Using

Back in January I published a post stating what UMPCs other bloggers were using. Below is an update. I was surprised that many are using the same device as they were using in January (Kevin Tofel, CTitanic, Thoughtfix and Mark) and that a few have moved away from UMPCs as their main mobile device to more powerful Tablet PCs. Specifically the ThinkPad x61 (Dennis Rice, Warner Crocker, Matt Faulkner, James Kendrick) was a favorite.


Dennis Rice has moved on from his eo i7210 to the ThinkPad x61 and OQO 02.
Warner Crocker has added to his R2H the ThinkPad x61 and Q1P.
Matt Faulkner now has the ThinkPad x61 but I'm not sure if he is still using the R2H.


James Kendrick was using a Fujitsu LifeBook P1610 Tablet PC and still does today but he uses the ThinkPad x61 on most work days.
Kevin Tofel was using a Q1P in January and is still using it today.


Hugo Ortega was using the Q1 in January but is now using the OQO 02.

Ultramobile PC Tips

CTitanic is still using his Q1.

Ultramobile Geek

Thoughtfix is still using his eo v7110 along with his Nokia N800.


Mark is still using a Q1.

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Chippy said...

can i join in?

im using the everun and q1b hsdpa with organiser pack. might replace the q1 if the battery life problems are sorted out on the sh6.
Steve - umpcportal.