Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Bought a New Device!

Don't worry, I haven't traded in my Q1P. I still use it on a daily basis. The device I bought was a smartphone which coincidently has a Q in its name. In fact that is its name, the Motorola Q with service through Sprint.

Since I moved to Manhattan my commute is much longer. I am spending an hour and twenty minutes each way on the train. Luckily my boss allowed me to cut back on the amount of hours I need to be at the office so I actually get home at a very decent hour. But I still need to work the same amount of hours to get my job done. So time management is even more important for me. Being able to read and respond to emails on the train frees me up to do the things you can't quite get done virtually (such as face to face time with employees, coworkers and peers) when I am actually at the office.

While I could have gotten a EVDO modem for the Q1, the space on the train is limited and having a smaller device like a smartphone just made more sense.

Overall I like the Q and will post a review soon.

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