Monday, July 30, 2007

Steve 'Chippy' Uses Q1B and Everun

Steve from UMPC Portal left a comment to a recent post stating that he uses the Q1B hsdpa with organizer pack and the Everun.

I was actually surprised to read that Steve uses the Q1B. I recently watched his video of him chatting with JKK. It came across very clear that Steve did not like the fact that the Q1 series of UMPCs do not have a good working mouse. There is a joystick type mechanism and if the menu button is held down acts like a mouse. However, this feature leaves most users of the Q1 unsatisfied especially since there are no dedicated left and right click buttons.

Steve and JKK also talk about screen resolution and Steve states that 1024 x 600 is the optimal resolution for 7" displays. The Q1 series has a native resolution of 800 x 480. It does have a virtual resolution of 1024x600 but the result is rather disappointing.

So I was curious to understand why Steve chose the Q1B out of all of the devices he has or has had as his personal UMPC. So I relistened to the Q1 discussion he had with JKK. One item is battery life. The Q1B, with the VIA chip gives Steve almost 6 hours of use with the extended battery. Another is the bright screen. Also, this unit, unlike mine (big frown) has HDSPA. Lastly, the organizer pack lets Steve use the device like a laptop.

I think its a fair conclusion to say that Steve really enjoyed his Kohjinsha SA1 and was looking forward to the SH6 with all of its improvements including the improved attached keyboard. However, in the end, battery life is too high of a requirement for Steve and with the SH6 being just a 2 hour device, the other improvements were just not enough to compensate!


Chippy said...

You got it!

The lack of mouse on the Q1b is annoying but the battery life and HSDPA more than compensate at the moment.

The next device on my list to replace the Q1b is the HTC Shift but if its over $1500 for HSDPA version it might not be worth it.


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