Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is My Acer C110 a Netbook?

Netbooks seem to be the rage with bloggers these days from Kevin Tofel loving his MSI Wind to Chippy having concerns about Netbooks. I actually thought about upgrading and getting the new Samsung NC10 netbook but then I thought, isn't my upgraded Acer a Netbook? Netbooks are supposed to be suited for web browsing, email and other low processing intensive tasks such as word processing and spreadsheets. These are basically the things I do with my Acer. Also, these devices are meant to be small and mobile, similar to my Acer. So lets see how my Acer stacks up with the Samsung NC10.

Acer Samsung
Weight 3 lbs 2.8 lbs
Screen 10" 10"
OS XP Tablet XP
Processsor Intel Pentium M .9 GHz Intel Atom 1.6GHz
HDD 160 GB 160 GB
Wireless WIFI rev G WIFI rev G and Bluetooth
Battery Life 2 hours 5 hours

As you can see from these key specs, the Acer is very similar in size, form and function. However, it would be nice to have bluetooth as I do have some bluetooth devices (headset and gps receiver). It would also be very nice to have the 6 cell battery which some claim will last 8 hours but others think it would only be 5+. But I'll take the 5+ over my sub 2 hours with the Acer.

But the best part may be the sub $500 price tag. I paid about $1200 for the Acer in 2004 and it was refurbished and that only included a 40 GB disk drive! But of course the Acer is a convertible Tablet; no inking with the Samsung!

For now I will stay with the 4+ year old Acer which is working fine for my needs. But its nice to see that when I do need to get a new laptop, I can get one that meets my needs for less than $500.

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