Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Q1P Usage Review - Part 2: A Day at Work

I got rid of 'One Month' from the title since I have had the Q1P for almost two months now.  Time flies! 

In this posting I want to describe a typical day and how I use the Q1P.  Typically I first use the Q1P when I get to work at about 8 pm.  Thanks to Hugo Ortega, I try to shut down the device each night to save electricity (every bit helps!).  So I boot up the device which doesn't take much time. 

The first thing I like to do is check email and Google reader.  I can do both things easily using the device without the external monitor so about half the time I kick back, feet up on the desk, and use the device this way. 

For reading in Google reader its very nice.  The articles are well formatted for the screen.  Outlook 2007 works fine for reading email and sending quick responses but as I noted in my vlog its not ideal, specifically for accessing the to do bar in portrait mode.  For responding to email I find myself mostly using the TIP.  I like the handwriting mode which converts to text but there are many cases where it won't convert correctly so I find myself using the TIP keyboard.  All of this is done using the stylus.   I never use the dial keys, probably just that I am very used to using a pen with my tablet.  I also like using ink and with Outlook 2007 its very easy, just hit the ink button and ink away. 

I still do the above in my office but will try to do this in the work place.  I am our company's VP of manufacturing and we follow the Toyota Production System where one of the principles is to go to the workplace and see for yourself to truly understand the situation.  All of the above can easily be done with the Q1P while standing in the factory.

To review  documents or spreadsheets, I tend to connect the Q1P to a keyboard and external monitor.  Currently I can do this with only three connections (VGA, power, USB) which makes connecting and disconnecting the device not too difficult.  I won't say easy, since I first need to switch the display to the Q1P and then disconnect the three cables. Not too much work but enough to sometime make me think twice about taking the Q1P with me.

When I'm out in the work place I tend to use Sticky Notes.  Its easy to boot up and write down short notes that I don't necessarily need to retain for the long term.  For meetings where I want to keep a copy of my notes I'll use OneNote 2007.  Talking about meetings, its nice to have the device to check email or access the Internet as some meetings don't require my full attention all of the time.

On Friday's I have a lunch meeting with my managers and we listen to management related podcasts.  I was hoping the speakers would be loud enough but unfortunately I have to connect the device to external speakers.

So you can see that I'm not really doing anything earth shattering.  These are the things most people do on a regular basis using either laptops or desktops.  The key here is that this device gives the user the ability to do these things in many more places.  Taking the power and advantages of the PC to almost anywhere you want or need to be.

The next review will cover my usage of the Q1P outside of the office as I will be at training on Thursday and Friday in Boston and then vacation the week after.  Though I'm not sure if I will take the device with me on vacation.

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