Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Power and Connectivity

I've been using a Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 broadband USB modem with Sprint's rev A EVDO service with my Q1P. I had been using a PC card with Verizon's rev 0 EVDO service with my Acer. The rev A is much faster and I have clocked download speeds over 1 MBps. However, the device is bulky compared to the Q1 and the USB physical connection is strained under the weight of the modem. To also counter RF interference I usually connect it with a USB cable. This setup is not ideal as I can't just walk around with the device without holding the modem. So I will most likely return the modem and look to get a phone that I can use along with bluetooth to connect to the EVDO service.

Just yesterday I received the 6 cell battery. This battery gives me over 4.5 hours and the cell gives me over 2.5 hours for a combined 7 hours. This allows me to not have to connect to the AC adaptor everytime I'm at my desk. So now I only have two connections when I'm at my desk, USB and the monitor. In addition, with all of this battery time, I don't need to lug my AC adaptor with me. When I leave work I just make sure I have both batteries charged and I know that in almost all cases, the 7 hours of battery life will more than get me through the evening at home.

I also weighed both batteries. The 3 cell weighs only .38 pounds and the 6 cell is almost double at .71. That puts the device with the extended battery at just over 2 pounds, still very light.


Anonymous said...

I have seen the U720 at Sprint and can agree with you on it bein just to big for the Q1P. I had been using a PPC-6700 from Sprint with the Bluetooth; this method I could carry the Q1P in my hands and have the 6700 on me without having to connect anything to the Q1P. I know its slower than using the USB cable but I would get 340kps using the Bluetooth which was more than good for what I was using it for. When I needed faster downloads I would use the USB cable and get anywhere from 550kps up 1.2mps download; up load was always slow which is normal for this which would be 120kps to 133kps. Lately I have changed to using the Blackberry 8703e; this phone doesn't support Bluetooth DUN so its the only draw back, but its been more stable then my 6700 which I rather take. According to the Blackberry in OS 4.2 it will have BT DUN support then I will be back without wires. LOL By the way I have been getting 1.5 to 1.7 download on the Blackberry in my area which I never got using the 6700.


Alex said...

Thanks HG for the comment and info.