Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GPS on a Q1P or a Standalone Device?

CTitanic has posted a good review of three different navigation software programs and recommends iGuidance as the best for a UMPC. After reading the review I thought about buying the software and a separate GPS receiver as the Q1 does not have a built in GPS reciever. With the software costing $99 and a receiver such as the GlobalSat BT-338 costing $85 that would set me back $184. A TomTom One can be had for $299, only $115 more. So I'm wondering if in fact going with a dedicated unit would be the better value. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Alex I have the Q1P also and have the Delorme BT GPS. I got the Garmin Nuvi 660 for Christmas. I had been using the Delorme all the time since am always on the road so my wife gave me the Garmin for Christmas. At first I thought it would be just the same as the one I was using. Once I tried the Nuvii and started getting the routes, addresses, places, etc. on this device it was much easier than using the Delorme GPS. When looking for a place on the road is only a matter of clicking a few tabs on the Nuvii and your on your way to your destenation. When looking for places like for example a city; when you type in a couple letters it starts to list citys that match those first few letters so you don't have to input every letter. Then the same goes for the street address you start to put the first name of the street and it will give you a choice of the streets it comes up with. Basically anything you look up only takes a few clicks. I recomend going with a dedicated GPS unit. If you have asked me before getting this unit I would of said get the Delorme; now that I have a dedicated unit its the only way to go. I also can use the Built in Bluetooth on the Nuvii to pair it to my BT phone to use as a speaker phone. The speaker on the Nuvii unit is very loud and clear so all the voice prompts sound loud in the road. The screen is very clear in direct sun light also. Hopefully this helps or gives you a idea.


Alex said...

Thanks for the comment HG. I think there are pros and cons for going each way. I think I'm going to get the BT receiver and try it out with my Q1.